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Interested in becoming a Psalm68Five partner camp?

Here are some things you should know first.

Our Defenition of fatherlessness

Any child whose father has passed away, is incarcerated, has abandoned the family, or rarely connects with the family. Children in foster care are also eligible to receive this scholarship. Single moms who have children who qualify for the Psalm68Five Scholarship are also invited to attend family camps with their children through the Psalm68Five Scholarship, where family camps are offered.

While our heart goes out to children of divorced parents, this scholarship is not designated for them unless they have extremely limited contact with their father. To protect the intent and integrity of this scholarship, we ask that you do not provide this scholarship for children who have an active father or stepfather presence in their lives, even if divorce has occurred. 

Other Funding Options:

Angel Tree Camping has significantly more funding available and are willing to fund children whose parents are incarcerated but does not necessarily fund other forms of fatherlessness.  As such, seeking funding for such children from Angel Tree would help us all to reach more at-risk kids together. If a significant number of the fatherless campers at your camp have an incarcerated parent, it may be better fit for you to receive funding from Angel Tree Camping. We would be happy to put you in contact with a representative from Angel Tree Camping if this is the case.  We are available to help fund other forms of fatherlessness.

Our Heart for Camps called to serve the fatherless:

We seek long-term relationships and full transparency with the Camp partners, to maintain our own integrity with those individuals, foundations and churches who provide donations for the Psalm68five Scholarships. We want to get to know you and your camp on a heart-to-heart basis so that we can be a backstop and help for Christian camps who would need funding to support their calling to serve the fatherless; and to celebrate and encourage those camps that are currently enjoying years of plenty with respect to their funding to serve fatherless campers.  Similar to what Jesus shares in John 4:35, we believe the harvest fields for fatherless campers is ripe and ready, so we ask that scholarship funding not be requested from camps who currently have sufficient funds to serve fatherless kids this summer (such that our designated funds might be rolled over to next year).  We know your financial needs may change next summer and beyond. We have reached a point where requests for scholarship funding exceeds our funding availability.  The following questionnaire will help us to allocate funding as best we can to meet the current needs of Christian camps we seek to support, with an emphasis of maintaining relationships with camps we have supported in the past. 

Use the form below to apply:

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