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Help us spread the word about Fatherlessness

Part of our mission statement is to encourage camps and other Christian partners in their calling to care for the fatherless.

If we are going to encourage someone, we need them to know that we exist first. Here are three simple ways to help us share our message.

1. Social Media

We try and post regularly on Facebook and Instagram. If you follow us and share our content it can go a long way to help us raise awareness about the fatherless epidemic

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  • Facebook

2. Newsletter

We send out a newsletter 4 times a year with updates about the fatherless epidemic and the work of Psalm68Five. If you haven't already, please sign up to receive this newsletter and use the link to share the signup form with your friends.

3. Word of Mouth

Personal conversations are much more impactfull than anything shared online. Talk to your friends and family about the fatherless epidemic and don't forget to mention Psalm68Five!

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