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2019 Spring update

Psalm 68:5 Grateful for you! And here comes Summer 2019! We look forward to another exciting summer of camp for fatherless boys and girls. Last year—thanks to you and with the help of our partner camps—we were able to send 435 kids for a wonderful week of Christian camp, where they learned of God’s special blessings for the fatherless. This year we are on track to send even more kids, thanks to your support! Here’s news: we have worked to expand our curriculum. Along with the prayer journal, which presents several Bible verses relating to God as Father, we are gathering music, skits, and activity ideas to reinforce this theme. We created additional prayer journals for returning campers. And, for the first time, we partnered with a Trust Based Relational Intervention trainer and offered trauma-informed training for our partner camps. This is a valuable skill for camp staff, as most fatherless kids have experienced trauma and will benefit from this innovative, respectful approach. We are also thrilled to present our brand-new, first-ever (anywhere) Training and Resource Camp Manual for work with the fatherless, created in partnership with Wheaton College’s Outdoor Ministry Leadership Program! It is amazing how God increasingly puts the plight of the fatherless and widows on the hearts and minds of those in the church and elsewhere (James 1:27).

And more news: we are hard at work with our partner camps to meet and exceed last year’s number of fatherless campers for Summer 2019! Thank you for your help! Requests for scholarships may exceed current funding. We are always glad to add new camp sessions to accommodate additional children. Your tax-exempt gift is welcome today:

Again, thank you for helping us in this important work: to provide a life-changing week at camp for a fatherless child! -The Psalm68fiveTeam

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