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2021 highlights

Last year was a year of exciting change for Psalm68five Ministries! God has caused our Ministry to grow in many ways but has also challenged our human minds as to how fast and far God will take us on the next part of our ministry “pilgrim progress.” We want to be in step with God’s plans, not running ahead, not dragging our feet… just in step.

Here is where we are starting 2022, thanks to the prayer, volunteer, and financial support of encouragers like you and your families and groups:

In the Summer of 2021, despite Covid 19 challenges,over 300 fatherless children and single parent (fatherless) family members attended partner Christian camps to learn that God is their father and loves them like the father in the story of the prodigal son, even when we come out of life’s pig sties to Him. They learned what a privilege it is to have an Identity as a true son or daughter to our True Father, through acceptance of Jesus Christ, and how our father has over 40 verses in the Bible and other stories revealing the special place God has in his Kingdom for kids when they are growing up without a father presence in their life.


Read the full version here:

Download PDF • 1.42MB

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