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A Note From Our Founder

It was an amazing summer to see what the Lord has done at camp for fatherless kids.  Our goal, this first year, was to provide a camp experience for 100 campers who had no father presence in their lives, to give them a great week at camp, but more importantly to share with them the Father heart of God, that is especially promised to those who grow up without an earthly father present.  As discussed in the past, the lack of a father’s presence in the home is associated statistically with very poor outcomes with respect to teenage drug and alcohol use, teen pregnancy, teen suicide, crime/incarceration, you name it.  It is our mission to help plant seeds of God’s love as a “Father to the fatherless” so that those seeds might take root in some and change the trajectory of these young lives away from the bad outcomes to hopeful lives changed by the father relationship these kids can have with the Lord.




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