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Bruce Johnson and his legacy of caring for kids.

The first photo below shows Bruce Johnson, the father of Bruce, Bryan, and Colleen, with a group of Vietnamese children. Shortly after this picture was taken, he became Missing in Action. The family spent the next 13 years praying and hoping for his return, but that was not to be. He was declared Killed in Action, and his legacy of caring for kids has been carried on through his own children.

The second picture, taken without any preplanning, prompted Colleen (Johnson) Nunn to write the following:

As another great week at Higher Ground at Lake Louise was winding down, Bryan was handing out extra candy to some of the kids. As I sat nearby and observed, I was reminded of a picture of my dad (one of only a few we have) where my dad has handed out some of his C-rations to the village children in Vietnam. I couldn’t help but smile as I thought about my father’s heart reflected in Bryan’s heart for the kids. Even greater, our heavenly Father’s heart for children, especially those who grow up without an earthly father.”

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