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Forgiveness Makes Your Life Better: A New Study

Forgiveness is a cornerstone of human relationships and personal well-being. This truth is echoed in the 2024 State of the Bible report by the American Bible Society. The annual study underscores the transformative power of engaging with Scripture and its profound effects on mental health, hope, and overall human flourishing.

Why it matters.

The report highlights that individuals who strongly agree that they can forgive others, regardless of whether an apology is offered, score higher in Human Flourishing and Hopefulness. This finding suggests that the ability to forgive is not just a moral choice but a crucial component of psychological health and happiness. Forgiving others can alleviate personal stress and increase hopefulness, creating a more positive outlook on life​ (American Bible Society News)​​ (American Bible Society News)​.

Forgiveness and Mental Health

The State of the Bible report reveals a concerning trend of declining mental health among Americans. However, it also points to forgiveness as a powerful tool for improving mental health. By fostering forgiveness, individuals can reduce feelings of anger and resentment, which are often linked to both mental and physical health issues. (American Bible Society News)​​ (American Bible Society News)​.

Forgiveness in Scripture.

Engagement with Scripture has been shown to significantly impact individuals' ability to forgive. The Bible's teachings encourage forgiveness as a path to personal peace and spiritual growth. Regular interaction with biblical texts can inspire individuals to embrace forgiveness, leading to improved relationships and greater personal contentment​ (American Bible Society News)​​ (American Bible Society News)​.


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