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Summer 2021 update.

Dear Psalm68five Supporters,

Great news - all of our partner camps are planning a full summer of camp this year! Praise God!

We are excited to share the unconditional love of our Heavenly Father with the fatherless once again. This summer our goal is to send 400 fatherless boys and girls to our partner camps for an safe, fun-filled, and spiritually impactful week. Updates and improvements continue to strengthen our curriculum. Together with you and camp partners, we are making a difference in these young lives!

Higher Ground at Lake Louise (Michigan) will have fatherless campers interspersed throughout the summer at camps for their age groups, as well as again hosting the very popular Single Mom Weeks where moms attend with their kids.

Frontier Camp (Texas) will again have a designated Timothy Week camp which will be entirely for fatherless kids. This is a new challenge and opportunity for us, as they are offering all spaces - 200 fatherless kids during that week! Our incredible new partners will join us there: Outdoor Adventures and Eyes on Me. These two groups bring an upbeat, urban message and relatable life experiences our campers love, adding another level of connection to this special camp week!

Camp Wilderness Ridge (Texas), Camp HoneyRock (Wisconsin), and Wildwood Hills Ranch (Iowa) round out our summer ministry. These three excellent partner camps will be welcoming fatherless kids on Psalm68five scholarships throughout the summer with their appropriate age groups.

Another exciting update for the fall: our Fatherless Camp Ministry Summit will be held September 27-October 1 at Camp HoneyRock in Wisconsin. Up to 50 camps will send representatives to the conference. The goal: to engage, teach, and inspire additional Christian camps to begin or expand their ministry to the fatherless. We have a great lineup of speakers including Dr. Phil Ryken, President of Wheaton College. A Trust-Based Relational Intervention session also will be offered as a best-practice training for camp staff and volunteers as they work with kids who have experienced trauma.

Please lift up these camps, our Ministry Summit, and our campers-to-be in your prayers. Thank you. If you’d like to help with scholarships for our campers – great! Your donations are most welcome and will be put to great use

Year after year, lives of fatherless children are changed and life trajectories improved by attending our Psalm68five camps. Year after year, a week of summer fun is made incredible by sharing the transformational love of God and teaching fatherless children the value and promise of each and every precious life. Thank you for partnering with us in this powerful ministry!

God bless you,Bryan

Bryan JohnsonExecutive Director713-202-3012

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